Displaying Export-Dimensions before exporting.

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When choosing a format from the presets;

The dimensions of the preset are not displayed until the export process is started.

My project setting is 1200x1920, but the export preset does 3840x2160 for example.

Uncompressed AVI with Alpha actually exports in my dimensions.

But I'm going to forget it again eventually, since I don't need it that often.

And then I'm like WHY is there no custom export option?!

I want to be able to see what I get without having to start and cancle some exports.

Can we please add this?

A general question: Would it be possible to export a video with costume x-y-dimensions as an MP4?

It would be lighter than Uncompressed AVI with Alpha.

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  • Triem23
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    @websurfer1111 I'm going to ask you to read this thread. Your comment didn't follow the requested syntax, so I've rewrite your headline.

    Otherwise, most of the Export presets are actually set to export in the dimensions of the exported Timeline. The only difference between (example) the YouTube and YouTube2160p presets is the Export data rate in megabits/second. Otherwise both set export dimensions based on the size of the Timeline. You should be able to send a 1080p project to the 2160p preset and have it export at 1080p.

    Bear in mind you can make Export presets, or copy/rename Export presets and add your own notes on resolution. Something that would take less time to do than type this.

    You should absolutely be able to export mp4 at custom sizes. I do it all the time. Only thing to watch for is dimensions need to be divisible by 8. So, 256x512 is good. 255x513 is not.