Can you make a glow effect exceed the bounds of the layer its applied to?

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I'm roughing out this morph effect for a video right now. In the clip I linked below, you can see the glow effect, that I put on the layer that fades in, abruptly cuts off once it reaches the border of said layer—resulting in an ugly cutoff. I emphasized it with my cursor. I'm wondering if there's a way I can make the glow bleed beyond the bounds of the layer and gradually fade out instead of it just getting sliced off.

The video displaying my problem:

Thanks in advance.

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  • Andy001z
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    Put your effect figure in another comp that is the size of your frame, then put that into your main comp. The problem is your frame is smaller than your background. Make sure you set the blend mode to ADD or SCREEN and it should be better.


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    To expand on that @Andy001z writes...

    Ok imagine your Timeline - whether in the Editor or a Comp as a window you are looking through. Behind it are your media clips, and your media clips can be moved around in space behind the window.

    Now picture each media clip as a picture printed on paper.

    So, no, on an individual media clip you cannot have a glow that extends past the boundary of the paper. There's no paper for the glow to be rendered on.

    What Andy has suggested by moving your media clip into a Comp Shot is kind of like gluing your original clip onto a new sheet of paper. When you embed/nest the Comp with your media clip in it into your main Comp the embedded Comp becomes a new sheet of paper with your media on it, so now there's additional room to render out the glow.

    This does mean you want to properly position your media where you want it inside its Comp.

    So, right click your media, choose "Create Composite Shot then choose to move masks/effects into the new Comp. In the Clip's Comp delete the glow, then return to your animation Comp. The Clip will still be on the same layer, but that clip is now a Comp with your clip positioned inside it. Add the glow to the Clip Comp layer in your animation Comp and it should fall off correctly.

  • mugwumpey
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    I'll try this out in a bit. Many thanks.