How do I scroll a group of videos horizontally across the screen?

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Say I have several videos. I want to arrange them horizontally [1][2][3][4] in a group, so that initially only the first video is showing. Then I want to scroll this group of videos across the screen. It was relatively straightforward in Camtasia to make a group of videos,and then add automation to scroll them. I'm new to HitFilm so I'm not sure how to do any of this. Do I start with a composite?

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    If it had the latter I could set the initial position of each clip, and then set an automation on the parent composite shot to have them scroll in.

    Try staggering the clips (along the x axis) side by side in one composite shot and then parent all the clips to a Point (NULL) then animate the null. The end results is each slide(media) moves to the right in this case at a set speed

    Here is a screen shoot of a texture layer I made that is similar to what you seek.

    This was a rough concept of the idea.

    Hope that helps

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    You are partially incorrect. While Hitfilm does not have the ability to group clips in a Timeline (look in the Feature Request forum for existing requests to vote up), Hitfilm CAN nest Composite Shots.

    In Express you have more restrictive options. The maximum size of a Comp is 4096x2160. In Pro you can make a Comp as big as your GPU can handle.

    Otherwise, as @GrayMotion states, you can load in your media, resize and put into initial position, then create a point layer, parent your media to the point layer and animate the point. It will drag the media with it. Points and parenting need to be done in Comp Shots.

    If this is a look/effect you'll reuse, then take it a step further. Create a "Media Holder" Comp for each clip. Create an "Animation" Comp, drag in all the media holder Comps and animate. Save this as a project.

    Now, next to the "Import" button, top left of Interface, is a small triangle. Click this and a context menu opens up. In this you'll see "Import Composite Shot." Hitfilm Comps can be saved and reloaded. However, saving a Comp doesn't save NESTED Comps... But, you can select a PROJECT file via Import Composite Shot and this lets you import any/all Comps from project "A" into project "B." And, if you forget to select a nested Comp, it will automatically load and link. So, by setting up the animation with "Media Holder" Comps and saving out the project, you can reload the animation into other projects. Just put new media in each media holder and the animation propagates via the nesting. This is one of two ways to set up a reusable "template" file in Hitfilm for easy reuse. The other is "Publishing," and here's the tutorial for that..

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    It looks like HitFilm Express doesn't have the ability to treat multiple clips as a group, and then apply automations to the group as a whole to make it appear to pan, nor does have nested composite shots which would be another way to solve the problem. If it had the latter I could set the initial position of each clip, and then set an automation on the parent composite shot to have them scroll in. I'll keep looking for work-arounds. So far it's a wonderful product, but this particular thing might not be what it is intended for. That said, I can make a composite shot of multiple clips, set their position off camera, and then add automations to each one separately to make them appear to all scroll together as a unit, but it's fragile and a lot of work.