2 Free HitFilm Templates: Titles (Intros) - Wedding and Generic

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Hey guys!

I just concluded my 3 years transition from After Effects to HitFilm and I'm sharing my first inception into motion graphics in the software... It's a simple but useful template of a Title that can be used as an Intro for a Wedding Video. You can find the link on my video's description: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AKSZy5XISU

A little rant...

I've been moving from Adobe software and a few pieces of software that went subscription only to alternatives of one-time payment or open-source. I don't like it when the only option is to rent my tools. Subscription can be an option but not the only one. The same way I like the option of buying a car and there's the option to rent it if I want, I need to be able to buy my work tools outright.

I'm pleased to say that since the past month I'm Adobe-free :-) After Effects was the last to be delete because I had lots of plugins and templates I needed to replace or adapt to HitFilm, DaVinci Resolve (and Fusion) and Blender but I got the job done (not all but what I actually use, I was able to do it). And way before that I said goodbye to Premiere, Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator, Audition.

If anyone is interested (or on the same path I was) here are the programs I use the most on a daily basis: DaVinci Resolve Studio, HitFilm, ShotCut, KDEnlive, OBS, Aegisub, Synfig Studio, Papagayo, Pencil, HandBrake (video), Fairlight, Audacity, Ardour, LMM Studio (audio), GIMP, Krita, Darktable+digikam, RAW Therapee+Photivo, Affinity Photo, Luminar, (photo), Scribus, Inkscape, Affinity Designer and Publisher (graphic design), HitFilm Pro, Fusion Studio, Blender, Natron (VFX), Ashampoo Burning Pro , Img Burn, DVDStyler (media burning), GNU/Linux distros, LibreOffice, Task Coach, Tryton, Thunderbird, FileZilla, 7zip, Clonezilla, Free File Sync, GRSync, GParted, PhotoRec (other).


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    Nice clean looking template, but as the person that runs VFXLISTS site, your list of software highlighted several I didn't know, so a huge thank you for taking the time to post. I have listed several over at my site.

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    Thanks :-) You're welcome...

    Ever since software companies like Adobe started their subscription-only plans I've been on a mission to find alternatives.

    I used open-source software before due to the prices of programs (back when I got my first computer the cost of software was way too much for me) and the FOSS got me hooked! There are incredible pieces of software, totally free and developed by generous incredible communities (I actively translate some of them and I have training courses dedicated to all the open-source programs I use). I actually spend 50/50 of my time in Windows and Linux, it depends on the task I'm performing.

    When I started my company back in 2009 I made a decision of using only software I could paid in the form of a lifetime licence and use for as long I decided (therefore, subscription-only programs where out of question) and open-source software (I donate yearly to all the ones I use).

    I was amazed at HiFilm when I first discovered it in 2013 and I've been adapting the assets and templates I had for After Effects in HitFilm Express for the past 3/4 years (a lot of work!). Alongside Blender, Natron and Fusion Studio, HitFilm as suppressed the needs I had in VFX/3D. I would just love to see it work on GNU/Linux (even in sandbox, like Flatpak or Snappy) but I understand the team is focused on other things (I actually tested the previous version of HiFilm Express using wine and play on Linux and I had some success using it on Zorin OS).