How to make clips 1 second long?

Hi, I´ve got a question. I am making a "1 second a day" video, so i shot around 2-3 seconds each day and would like to use Hitfilm to edit those into this long 1-second a day video. Is there a fast way to set each clip to one second or import each clip as a one second video or do i have to manually change the duration for every single clip (over 150)?

thx in advance


  • Andy001z
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    First, you have to think of each clip not as time so much but rather as frames within that time. Let us say you shoot a 25 frames per second, that means Hitfilm would load in for a 3 second video 75 frames. Now if you only want 25 of those, you need to decide, is this the first, middle or last or somewhere in between. Does something important happen between say frame 30 - 55, if so it is that you need to extract. Does this happen on all 150 videos for the same frames.

    Let's say you only want the first 25 frames from each video, the quickest way would be to batch process all the videos to convert to 1 second long or 25 frames. Of course your videos might be 50 or 120 frames, or they might even be variable length (it gets tricky here).

    Hitfilm doesn't have any scripting, so your best using something like HandBrake to batch job it.

    Sorry it's not the quick answer your looking for, maybe someone else has a quicker way.

  • Triem23
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    As @Andy001z correctly notes there really isn't a way to automate this sort of thing.

    Also - and you might not like this next bit - taking a 2-3 second video and choosing 1 second to keep is called "editing."

    You COULD use a program to cut each 2 or 3 second clip down to 1 second, but... Is it the RIGHT 1 second? Using Handbrake it would be possible to tell Handbrake to keep only the first second of each clip, but, what if the section you WANT starts 3/4 of a second in?

    To determine this you'd have to watch all the clips, tell Handbrake which second to keep, add it to the Handbrake queue and run it. The amount of time this will take will be about the same amount of time it takes to, you know, edit the material yourself. And you'll now have twice as many clips on your storage drive.

    Just edit the footage on the Timeline. Manually cutting sections out of longer media is 90+% of editing and, if you're not willing to do that, this is the wrong hobby.