Hitfilm express being "Choppy"

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Hello people!

I have for about a year used Hitfilm express to edit my videos and i love it!

I have recently gotten a new pc and more footage to edit, but i have run into an issue: The program seems to be very "choppy", explaination:

When viewing video, it runs at a low fps, with alot of "skips", also when pulling the windows around, it falls behind the mouse also doing "skips"

Hope any of ya smart people can help me out, as i am eager to get back to editing my videos.

Regards, Nikolaj

  • CPU: i7 12700kf
  • GPU(s): 3070ti
  • Operating System and version: win11 21h2
  • Total RAM: 32
  • Any relevant steps or events that led to the issue: has not worked, worked fine on my old pc though

If your issue involves anything graphical, you must also:

  • Confirm drivers are up to date (see here for help): They are
  • Provide screenshots, recordings or videos to demonstrate the issue.: Will do asap


  • littlehausbigcity
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    HF does not support Windows 11 currently as far as I know at the moment, but will eventually when it's officially released by MS (I believe it's still in beta).

    At the moment, you can only run Windows 10 with HF.

  • Triem23
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    While @littlehausbigcity is correct HF doesn't support Win 11, Win 11 incompatibility seems to show up more with mp4 exports (HF uses OS encoders and those seem to have changed).

    For the "choppy" go to the File Menu, top left of the interface, then to Options. In Options look at the "Cache" and "Proxies" tabs. Consider turning off Proxies for now and automatic Timeline Caching. Both of these options can lead to faster playback in the long term, but both options require time to process and, until proxies/cache are built their creation will slow things down.

    While you'll be turning off both options as auto-create, both can be triggered manually.

    See the manual for more information.