Is it possible to have 2 distinct text sizes in a text area?

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Is it possible to have 2 distinct text sizes in a text area? I tried to make a video where I have a text box for a considerable amount of text (in different sizes). The problem is that the text style I'm using doesn't have a legitimate spread above it, so assuming I type one line, hit enter, and type another, the bottom of the text of the previous line contacts the top text of the following. No, I can't change the text styles, because I must suggest this one for what I'm doing. To combat this, I create blank lines in the text for part of the size, and that spreads the text accordingly. It also reviews the review! The main problem is that the moment I change it, the vague lines of text are resized to a similar size as the other text. So my question is: is it conceivable to have 2 lines of text with different text sizes in a text attached to Hitfilm Express?

TL:DR, Different text sizes in confined text look fine, but resize them to be uniform in the swapped document.


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    Once you enter text you can hold the left mouse button and drag over individual sections of text to highlight it. Any highlighted section can have all its properties - font, size spacing, outlines, etc - adjusted independently.

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