Hitfilm keep stalling when I try to edit the text.

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I practically can't add or edit text in the current state, as just typing in a few letter causes the entire window to freeze, not to mention it freezes in a way that for whatever reason Hitfilm takes over the entire screen so I can't click out of the editor. It is very annoying. I suspect this might have to do with the proxy or some background process related to the text tool causing some issues when I update the text. Anyone know how I can fix this?

edit: One other thing causing similar effect, changing the opacity of a layer seems to do the same.


  • Stargazer54
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    System specs? What are your Project Settings?

    Also, you might check that auto timeline cache is turned off - Go to Project, Options, Cache and uncheck "Create timeline cache in background" For Proxies - if you don't need it, turn it off. Go to Project, Options, Proxies & Pre-Renders and set Create Proxies to None.

    AFAIK, there is no background process related to the text tool, but auto timeline cache will affect the whole system.

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    I have the same problem.

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    Does this happen on a new project with nothing in it?

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    @oxido Currently Windows 11 is unsupported. May not be the problem, just saying.

    EDIT: Windows 11 is supported now.

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    Same problem. Creating or altering text in any way hangs the application for 3 to 30 seconds. Doesn't appear in small projects but doesn't take much video to make the text unusable.

    I find it gets worse if there are longer video segments in the file, regardless of whether the text overlaps the large clips or not.

    Turning off auto cache does not seem to have a noticeable effect.

    Unlike op, while hitfilm hangs I can click outside of its windows. Only hitfilm itself is affected.

    16.0 GB DDR4

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