Plugins system or Api ?

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I want to create a concept design video for a website. I made the pages using Inkscape. I know that Hitfilm don't support SVG files out of the box so i have to export every element as a PNG image & reposition each image in Hitfilm. I wanted to create a plugin for HitfilmXInkscape to create a workflow as for AfterEffectXIllustrator where I just hit "export to Hitfilm" from Inkscape and Hitfilm opens with the layers positioned & every thing looking good. My problem here is if there is a way to create a plugin in Hitfilm ? if not why? cuz nowadays it will be a great disadvantage to not integrate a plugins system especially for a professional software.

I thought about investigating the Hitfilm project file to understand how it saves project files because there is no documentation of specification about it. It will be a hassle and waste of time where I'm trying to do this idea to gain time.

Maybe the devs don't want community plugins maybe cuz the key feature of Hitfilm Pro is addons but at least an action API like in Photoshop will be helpful to automate some repeatable tasks.

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    @Psycomentis06 Cudos for wanting to create plugins for HF! Unfortunately, there (as yet) is no SDK for HF. Perhaps there will be in the future. Since this is a user forum, none of us (including Mods and Ambassadors) have enough inside knowledge of the software to be able to answer the question.

    So, I will direct you to the FXHome support site. Create a support ticket there and that will be redirected to FXHome Staff who can speak to this further.