My Export does not show green screen layers, instead original (green) or just black

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I just finished a project with several green screens. They are all built in the same way but somehow when exported, some of them ar just green (original) or blacked out without the content that should be shown in the frame. In the timeline it all looks perfectly fine, just the export has this issue. I use the 1080p YouTube export, if that is of importance.

It also worked fine with all the green screen in previous versions, now i just tweaked some other stuff in the timeline and this happens? Can anyone think of a reason why this is happening? I am on a hard deadline for this, so any fast help would be highly appreciated!


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    Could you please read this post and answer the questions posed there. This thread lists much of the information needed to begin diagnosing issues..

    In general, with Hitfilm issues the first thing to check is GPU drivers. Old drivers cause all kinds of issues. Here's a FAQ..

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    @Triem23 You forgot to mention that it was important what color pants he was wearing when the problem occurred.

    Before everything was fine and after the update there are unpleasant surprises. So things are fine with his computer configuration. What does the green screen have to do with what CPU he has and what model his laptop is? I don't believe the programming code for keyng has been completely rewritten. Either it's working or it's not.

    I also have problems with projects done with previous versions of HitFilm. For example, the tracking gets lost. The object that is supposed to track the path is moving around the screen like a free electron.

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    @assensy Triem23 was just asking about specs so those can be ruled out. What I hear you saying was everything was fine before the upgrade? Note that minimum spec requirements have increased in the newest version of HF. More information about your hardware helps with troubleshooting.

    If you continue to experience problems, please contact FXHome support at Since this is a user forum (Mods and Ambassadors are merely users like yourself who volunteer to keep an eye out for spam and try to help out), FXHome support will be better equipped to delve deeper into your issue. Just be prepared to reveal your specs - that will be the first thing they ask.

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    You asked, I'll answer.

    HF 2021.3 raised hardware specs by a lot. Also, earlier versions of Express used a third party encoder, now Express uses the native OS encoder. There seem to have been changes to the encoder in Windows 11... And, if you were to look back at recent reports of render glitches, most of those are from people on Windows 11, which isn't yet officially supported. That's one area where knowing specs is relevant.

    Earlier versions of Hitfilm used OpenGL 2.1 and OpenCL1.0 HF 2021.3 requires OpenGL 4.1 and OpenCL 1.2. Because of changes made in OpenGL 3 and 4 (features in 2 were deprecated in 3, totally removed in 4 and replaced with new functions), yes, every effects filter in Hitfilm, including the Chroma Key effects were rewritten. OpenGL support is a function of GPU drivers, so, again, hardware specs are absolutely relevant. You cannot assume the OP's computer configuration is "fine." Because we don't know what it is, yet.

    And, yes, large sections of the code have been rewritten over the years. While the devs have tried to maintain backwards compatibility, some issues might have arisen. As an example there's a recent thread about inconsistent spacing in text objects. A dev responded behavior had been changed in recent versions of Hitfilm, but, when opening old projects, Hitfilm attempted to maintain the older behavior. Rewriting code because of fundamental changes in the underlying third party libraries while trying to maintain compatibility with deprecated code isn't easy. Yes, it's possible the rewrite introduced a new bug, but specs and drivers still get checked first. A huge amount of problems stem directly from out of date drivers.

    Since the OP is saying clips are appearing correctly in the Viewer, but not on the Export, it's pointing to an an encoder issue as the first guess. Again, here is where knowing OS specs is relevant. Win 10 vs 11.

    Finally, the original question boils down to "I have an export issue, how do I fix it?" Well, we need information to attempt to diagnose. Specs are ALWAYS the starting point which is EXACTLY why the thread I posted is a STICKY with the word MANDATORY in the title. Mods, Ambassadors, Staff and the official Hitfilm Support team are ALWAYS going to ask for specs first, period, and always recommend checking GPU drivers, period. That's just the starting steps in trying to figure this stuff out.

    In the meantime, with your above post you've been unhelpfully sarcastic (pants color doesn't matter, of course), and you've made at least one factually incorrect assumption since the coding for the keying effects HAS in fact been recently completely rewritten, and knowing the system specs of a machine is absolutely always relevant, considering the number of "Hitfilm earlier version worked and Hitfilm current version doesn't" questions over the years I've answered where a core issue is that the user's computer dropped under spec during a recent Hitfilm update. Heck, 2021.3 dropped two of the computers *I* used Hitfilm on below min specs. One is marginally below spec and still works (but slowly), the other crashes on startup.

    I won't "Warn" you through the official system channels. Consider this an unofficial "let the Mods, Ambassadors and Staff" do their thing warning. If you can't tell, you've annoyed me tonight.