RTX 3060 12 GB or RTX 3060 Ti 8 GB - Graphics card memory size VS speed

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Hello there!

I've recently purchased a new graphics card (RTX 3060 12 GB) coming from a 950m (4 GB) which is now unsupported by HitFilm. I haven't opened the package yet, as I'm considering returning it and getting a RTX 3060 Ti instead.

The thing here is that the RTX 3060 is a slower card compared to the RTX 3060 Ti but has a lot more memory (12 GB on the 3060, 8 GB on the 3060 Ti, both GDDR6).

The 3060 has a lower bus size, hence having a lower bandwidth of 360 GB/s vs the 448 GB on the Ti version. But, surprinsingly, the 3060 has a higher clock speed than the Ti version.

Most Internet forums I've read agree that the 3060 Ti is about +30% faster than the regular 3060, but 'only' about 15-20% more expensive, so it might make sense to buy the Ti version instead.

My only concern is that I somewhat feel that 8 GB of VRAM won't age well in terms of performance capacity. Most reviews focus mostly on FPS performance in games, which is okay as you probably won't eat all 8 GB of VRAM during a gaming session. I don't mind gaming, just will use it mainly for video editing / compositing in HitFilm and Unreal Engine.

I feel that 8 GB for Unreal Engine or even HitFilm won't age well. Both cards will work waaay better than my 950m, that's for sure, but as they're so expensive these days that I'd want to keep them a bit longer than usual.

I'm not considering a 3070 or above as they're utterly expensive. What would you do?