How to report issues

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If you discover any issues, we want to know about them. The sooner we have the details, the quicker we can investigate and look at fixes.

To make the process as fast as possible, here's how to report issues:

1. Start a new discussion on the forum in the relevant Issue reporting category below. Our QA team will be keeping a close eye on these categories, so that nothing gets missed.

2. Create a descriptive, accurate discussion title so that the nature of the issue is clear at a glance.

3. Provide details of your hardware. Specifically operating system, CPU, GPU and amount of memory. If you're using a Mac, tell us the specific model.

4. Describe the nature of the issue. Does it happen repeatedly, or was it a one-off? Did you encounter any specific error messages? Was it a graphical glitch, unexpected behaviour or an actual crash?

5. Most important of all: provide concise, simplified step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the issue. This will enable us to investigate rapidly on our test systems.

6. If you're able to provide an example project which demonstrates the issue this will also be hugely useful.

7. We may have additional questions, so please keep an eye on your discussion for follow-up posts.

Reporting issues in this manner will ensure that nothing gets lost in unrelated discussions.

A big thanks from all of us on the HitFilm team - every bit of feedback helps us make HitFilm better for everybody.

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