Is Using Proxies supposed to change the image on the viewer?

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If I toggle the "use proxy" image on a current project, it literally changes the video frame that is currently in the viewer. I discovered this because I had been using a proxy to help increase the speed I was editing. When I exported the final project all of the audio was correct but the actual video segments were all off by a couple seconds. To be clear it wasn't just that they were un synched, like the actual video that I had cut was just wrong. The segments I see in the viewer with the proxies on are different when the proxies are off and when the video is exported. Am I missing a setting or something?

Lenovo Legion 7

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10750H CPU @ 2.60GHz  2.59 GHz

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070

16.0 GB (15.8 GB usable)

64-bit operating system


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    Which 64bit OS? Note that Win 11 is unsupported at this time.

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    Also, be aware that there may be a slight reduction in quality, but not with syncing of audio to video. I use proxies and the audio stays together, whether it's been unlinked or not, that is, if I unlink the video/audio, to remove scratch audio and sync the video to the good audio, it stays synced once I have it throughout the editing process, even when I was using 2 cameras, one transcoded and was from a GoPro, the other not transcoded, using a Canon HRF500 Vixia camcorder with variable frame rate.

    The GoPro was my good audio, and the canon as cam 2 so it's scratch audio was used for syncing that footage, but the segments from that camera were short pieces throughout the entire video and I got it to be in sync, and stay that way throughout the editing/exporting processes.

    When using proxies, the video may degrade slightly during editing as you are using proxeies at that point, but it should bring in your full res footage during export and your footage should be fine then.

    This all using a PC that may well be considered marginal for 2021.2, but definitely under spec now for 2021.3+.

    The trick for me is not to get too wild with my editing with this box.

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    Performance proxies max at 1080p. Performance proxies at 4k. What type of proxy are you using, what's the original footage resolution.

    Proxies are not used for export, either way.

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    "Which 64bit OS? Note that Win 11 is unsupported at this time."

    I'm using Windows 10, sorry should have specified.

    Really appreciate all the feedback first off.
    Everyone's answers got me looking into asking the question differently and I think I have the solution. I believe it was an issue with the frame rate I captured at and the frame rate I was editing/exporting at. I ran the footage through handbrake and now when I edit in Hitfilm Express it keeps the proxy and the regular footage timed the same with the audio. Really strange way for that to get noticed I feel like. If anyone is curious I am more than happy to screen record the original issue for archiving.