I need a little help with 3D Lighting

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I've recently been toying around with the HitFilm's 3D capabilities and see some potential to integrate it into my work. However, the lights—and how they work—are really confusing me. I could not find any tutorials on the basics of using the 3D editor features, only guides on how to make effects and using them, so I'd like to ask some of you for help.

At the bottom of this post I have sent the link to a video demonstrating the problem I'm having, but I'll provide some additional context too:

I have four random assets that I cobbled together to make a test scene. What's really throwing me off is that the light progressively gets darker on the image that represents the ground the further away it is from the camera—like it should. That is not the case with the little dude in the back, and the trees, however—which stay completely illuminated. The guy in the back is even further back on the Z axis than the end of the ground image, so I am really confused as to why he remains fully lit for the entire scene. (The only time he gets somewhat darker is, ironically, when the light is right next to him.) The trees are equally weird, in that they get lighter the further away the light is from them—so long as it is in front—even when the road upon which they sit is pitch-black due to how far back the light has been moved.

Here are a couple technical details just in case they may help to identify the problem. The camera begins at 0.0, 0.0, 1906 and pans to 0.0, 484, -1294.3 by the end of the scene. The light has the camera set to a parent layer, and thus moves in tandem with it. It starts the scene at a position of -38.2, 595.1, -811.6. The rest of the assets are not parented by the camera and are completely static—with the exception of a little rotation by the trees. For reference, the guy in the back has coordinates of -12.3, 747.6, -2483.

All in all, if you have any idea what I am doing wrong and how to get the light to function more realistically with every layer, please do tell. Thank you.

VIDEO LINK: https://youtu.be/mYpJxggWVAo



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    The ground plane darkens due to the changing incident angle of reflection, but Hitfilm's lights, by default, have no falloff. Nor do they cast shadows.

    In the Light layer's Controls tab you'll find controls for falloff. Again, "None" is the default, "Linear" has a non realistic falloff, "Curve" is physically accurate. After you set a falloff curve of Linear or Curve there will be a falloff distance - how far the light reaches.

    More detail in section 6.18.2 of the Hitfilm Manual.

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    Thank you so much! I was experimenting with the falloff earlier but was met with a black screen. I revisited it after I read your comment though, and then I simply cranked the reach up. Honestly, I feel a little bad considering I was looking through the manual before my initial post. Regardless, all is well now.

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    Don't feel bad. VFX is a quite complicated field, and there's always going to be a learning curve. The manual is helpful, but video is often more helpful, and the last comprehensive lighting tutorial I know of dates back to Hitfilm 2.

    Really, once I reboot my own tutorial channel, I need to rectify that. It's been too long, and my own tutorials are getting obsolete with some of the changes in the software.