Is it possible to have 2 different text sizes in a text box?

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Is it possible to have 2 different text sizes in a text box? I've been trying to make a video where I've got one text box for multiple lines of text (at different sizes). The problem is, the font I'm using doesn't have proper spacing above it, so if I type a line, press enter, and type another, the bottom of the text from the previous line is touching the top text from the next one. No, I can't change fonts, since I'm required to use this one for what I'm doing. To combat this issue, I make empty lines between the lines of text at a fraction of the size, and it properly spaces out the text. It looks good in the preview too! The only problem is, when I export it, the empty lines of text resize to the same size as the other text. So my question is, is it even possible to have 2 lines of text with different text sizes in a text box in Hitfilm Express?

TL:DR, Different text sizes in a text box look fine in preview, but resize to be uniform in exported file.


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    Yes. Type two lines of text. Highlight the 2nd line with your mouse and choose a different Font Size from the drop down in the Text controls tab. Then change the Line Space value. The next value down, Vertical Scale will make the highlighted font taller, as well.