Rotate camera tracking path for better placment in blender scene?

The current project that I am working on requires POV handcam footage. I used camtrackAR to track my shot and I imported into blender using the addon.

After watching the tutorial on youtube. I noticed you could move the camera on the 'Delta Transform' LOCATION XYZ and this works great.

My issues is that I cant rotate the camera using the 'Delta Transform' ROTATION. I can rotate the camera to look in another direction but it still follows the same path. I just need to rotate the entire path of the track in a diffrent direction. Currently my camera is walking south but I want it to walk north, but there is now way to do that just with xyz. Is there a method to rotating the camera and path?

How do I know if I am facing the right direction/orientation before I import the data into the scene? This is the only issue I am having and other than that I love this program and app.


  • Triem23
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    Create a null in Blender, parent the CamtrackAR camera and tracking points to the Blender null and rotate/move the null. That'll drag everything else with it.

    Same procedure would also work in Hitfilm, Ae, etc.