Lag and buffering issues

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Anyone experience lag or buffering issues. Today I got a lot of "waiting on program to respond"


  • Stargazer54
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    Please post your system specs and more information on your project - type of video files, their origin, etc. The current version of HF has increased system requirements.

    If your video is coming from a consumer device such as a phone then it will be Variable Frame Rate and not Constant Frame Rate (CFR is preferred). VFR can slow things down. Also, if you are editing in 4K and your system is on the edge, that will slow things down, too.

  • Cilou6
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    I'm experiencing the same issue. Sorry if my english is not good as it's not my first language.

    I try to edit a video but as soon as I load it I get the "wait for program to respond" or "close program" option.

    My computer is :

    Nom du système d’exploitation Microsoft Windows 10 Professionnel

    Version 10.0.19044 Build 19044

    Autre description du système d’exploitation      Non disponible

    Fabricant du système d’exploitation      Microsoft Corporation

    Ordinateur         XXXX003

    Fabricant            LENOVO

    Modèle 20KVCTO1WW

    Type     PC à base de x64

    Référence (SKU) du système      LENOVO_MT_20KV_BU_Think_FM_ThinkPad E585

    Processeur         AMD Ryzen 7 2700U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx, 2200 MHz, 4 cœur(s), 8 processeur(s) logique(s)

    Version du BIOS/Date   LENOVO R0UET76W (1.56 ), 05/11/2019

    Version SMBIOS              3.1

    Version du contrôleur embarqué             1.56

    Mode BIOS        UEFI

    Fabricant de la carte de base     LENOVO

    Produit de la carte de base        20KVCTO1WW

    Version de la carte de base        SDK0J40697 WIN

    Rôle de la plateforme    Mobile

    État du démarrage sécurisé       Activé

    Configuration de PCR 7 Élévation requise à afficher

    Répertoire Windows     C:\WINDOWS

    Répertoire système       C:\WINDOWS\system32

    Périphérique de démarrage       \Device\HarddiskVolume1

    Option régionale            France

    Couche d’abstraction matérielle              Version = "10.0.19041.1806"

    Utilisateur          XXXX003\XXX

    Fuseaux horaires            Paris, Madrid (heure d’été)

    Mémoire physique (RAM) installée         16,0 Go

    Mémoire physique totale           15,6 Go

    Mémoire physique disponible   11,8 Go

    Mémoire virtuelle totale            18,0 Go

    Mémoire virtuelle disponible     12,5 Go

    Espace pour le fichier d’échange             2,38 Go

    Fichier d’échange           C:\pagefile.sys

    Protection DMA du noyau          Désactivé

    Sécurité basée sur la virtualisation          Désactivé

    Prise en charge du chiffrement d’appareil%s      Élévation requise à afficher

    Hyper-V - Extensions du mode de moniteur des ordinateurs virtuels       Oui

    Hyper-V - Extensions de la conversion des adresses de second niveau    Oui

    Hyper-V - Virtualisation activée dans le microprogramme            Non

    Hyper-V - Protection de l’exécution des données             Oui

    Can anyone help me ?

    Thanks in advance

  • Stargazer54
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    @Cilou6 Please avoid posting to old threads. The software changes throughout the year, so a 6 month old thread may not be the same problem. Best to start a new thread with your issue.

    That said, I believe your GPU - Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx, may to be under spec. Please compare your system with the minimum and recommended specs listed here -

    Also, note that keeping your drivers current is highly important. Read the information at the top of the page about how to update your GPU drivers.

    Other things to look for are other programs eating resources on your system. Go to the Task Manager, then the Startup tab and uncheck unnecessary items that may get fired up on boot that then run in the background. Also, your virus software can be eating resources or may be interfering with HF. A troubleshooting step would be to temporarily disable your virus software long enough to test if that is conflicting with HF.