Sci Fi Comedy episode 2

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Hey all, created in Blender and Hitfilm

Literally every technique I can think of used in this.

Thanks for watching.


  • pbattersby
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    That was awesome. I'd be interested to know more about how it was made if you're interested in sharing. Obviously 3D modelling in Blender but I'd be curious to know what role Hitfilm played to enhance the work from Blender.

    Even though I suspected something like that was coming, I still enjoyed the comedy and justice of the delivery scene.

    EVOAH Posts: 40 Just Starting Out*

    Hey, thanks for watching. My workflow is generally -

    Main edit carried out in Hitfilm with the raw footage, then each shot is keyed or Roto'ed in Mocha. Depending on the shot various additional masked grades will be layered to create fake lighting/ colour correction.

    Then the footage will be rendered as uncompressed AVI with the Alpha channel and placed in the 3d scene in blender as a 2d card.

    Once the shot is rendered in Blender it replaces the raw footage in the edit with all manner of colour grading/ lens flare/ additional particle sim stuff.



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    Great production! Very well done!