[ENHANCEMENT] 2-STEP Save as 'Template'

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HitFilm Pro 16 Newbie, however, is 'Save templates' of Composites more twisted around than it needs to be, and if so, can 8-STEPS be reduced to 2-STEPS?

  1. Make Composite
  2. Right Click on the layers to 'Publish' (whichever layers may or may not offer that option)
  3. Open the 'Editor Window' and go to the 'Composite'
  4. Right Click on 'Composite' to 'Save As'
  5. Save to a 'Folder'
  6. Add 'Thumbnail'
  7. Open 'Saved Composite'
  8. Drag the 'Composite into the Editor Layer Window' (to complete the task of it being added to the 'Template's Pop Up Window')

Possible only 2 STEPS?

  1. A 'Publish' option in the 'Composite Window' perhaps generates a checklist
  2. 'Save Composite As Template'