360 photo to be a video is distorted

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Hello FXHome users!

I was trying to make a 360 render into a video following the tutorial of Film Sensei (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKokHS_ccUc).

However, after setting everything up I encounter an issue of having my 360 image cut or distorted... not very clear (the screenshots are attached).

Moreover, the image on open is very zoomed, and I don't know how to zoom it out again without getting it distorted. The fisheye lens if always off.

I would be grateful if someone gave me recommendations on how to tackle these issues, or if someone has encountered them as well.

I was trying to switch to Adobe After Effects to perform this task, but it just doesn't run on my PC at all :/

HitFilm version: 2021.1

Windows 8.1 64, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX 850M.

Thank you!

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  • Triem23
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    General comments and questions.

    What is the original resolution of the image? Obviously if it's a 1080p, or even 4k wrap you don't have many pixels to play with.

    What effect are you using? 360° Viewer or GoPro Lens Reframe? If you're mapping 360° video for a standard 16:9 frame, GoPro Lens Remap is a better choice.

    360° Viewer used to be named "Environment Map Viewer." It's intended for use with 3D models. If using 360° Viewer you'll want to right click the clip and select the Fit to Frame Height option from the context menu. Otherwise, the image is scaled wrong and might increase distortion. You'll also need to add a camera layer.

    Note that all 360° Viewer is doing is wrapping the image around the inside of an infinite sphere. There will be a certain amount of distortion from this method.

    Old HF 2 tutorial. Still accurate.

    Otherwise, if set up correctly it looks quite good, like in this shot from @GrayMotion

    Oh. @FilmSensei tutorial.


  • Daniil
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    Dear @Triem23, the image is rendered panoramic in blender, and has a dimensions of 6000x3000 px (as far as I understood, only 2:1 works with equirectangular panoramas.
    I have tried playing with "fit to height/width/frame" settings, but they didn't give any good effect on distortion.

    The problem is not with resolution, it feels more like the software is miscalculating where the seams should be...
    Other 360 photo viewers or VR tour makers see/show this render perfectly.
  • Daniil
    Daniil Posts: 3 Just Starting Out*
    Sorry, I just figured out how to fix the problem! Or rather, I fixed it somehow, but I don't know how exactly. Maybe it's something to do with picture scaling, or a magic of thought.
    Thank you so much for support anyways!!!