Hitfilm Express has no sound - solved

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I edited a video with Hitfilm Express. 2021.3 (18.0.12110.52955, the newest version). It crashed multiple times but I made sure I always saved often and just carried on. I even made an export, all good.

Then, I took a screen capture of another program with the Windows Game Bar.

Since then, Hitfilm Express had no sound anymore. None at all.

Would not play the sound of the project I edited; not when I creatde a completely new project and imported sound. Restarted Hitfilm Express, restarted the computer, deinstalled and reinstalled Hitfilm, Deinstalled and removed all the junk it had left in the registry that I could, and all its data in my local appdata, including the cache. Even tried an older version. Tried with a completely new project every time. It just won't play any sound. Needless to say, all other programs on my computer had sound fine.

This is Windows 10.

The solution was: when in the Windows GameBar, I had deselected sound from Hitfilm Express. That disabled the sound output from Hitfilm Express for the system. So, Windows thought I had said I didn't want to hear any sound from Hitfilm Express, and duly complied. Reenabling the sound for Hitfilm Express in the Audio Mixer fixed the problem.