How to stop hitfilm express from crashing whenever I interact with the timeline?

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whenever I interact with the timeline (dragging videos, clicking videos, etc.) hitfilm immediately crashes. I've tried updating my laptop & uninstalling & reinstalling the program. I have all of the necessary technical requirements.

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)

Processor 2.5 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7

Memory 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Graphics Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB

also, when I reopen hitfilm after a crash, my previous project shows up in the "you have unsaved projects" prompt

I have no idea how to fix this so any help would be greatly appreciated


  • Stargazer54
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    @hamburglar Thank you for postings specs!

    You might be below spec on your integrated GPU. Review minimum specs here:

    Make sure you have updated your drivers. If you still have trouble with the latest version you could fall back to a previous version of HF list here:

  • littlehausbigcity
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    You may be completely under spec if using 2021.3 as it's requiring processors from 2016 and above, that is the Intel Core ixx processors (currently, no Core i3 or Ryzen 3 processors are supported).

    Also, make certain you are running the supported OS for your PC (for Windows, it's Windows 10) as well, in this case, check out what the Mac OS is supported as that can cause problems too.

    Just food for thought.

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    I've been using hitfilm for a few days now, doing stuff I would normally have done in AE, because the tracking's better. but today- crashing as soon as I add a layer to a comp.

    the only thing I did differently today was try out the rotoscoping using mocha, after watching a tutorial. it was going pretty well, then a crash. & now, I can't even make a basic comp.

    27" imac retina with two extra displays both in 1080, 4-core i7, 24GB, AMD R9 M295X w 4GB, mojave.

    (so sue me- I still have some 32-bit apps)

    here's the guff at the start of the crash report. if anyone on here's interested in what comes after this bit, let me know- I think I can make it do it again!

    Process:              HitFilmPro [52703]

    Path:                 /Applications/HitFilm

    Identifier:           com.fxhome.HitFilmPro

    Version:              2021.3 (18.0.2893)

    Code Type:            X86-64 (Native)

    Parent Process:       ??? [1]

    Responsible:          HitFilmPro [52703]

    User ID:              503

    Date/Time:            2022-03-01 16:24:52.939 +0000

    OS Version:           Mac OS X 10.14.6 (18G9323)

    Report Version:       12

    Anonymous UUID:       69799338-DEE7-EF87-B8D4-E26F15D87366

    Time Awake Since Boot: 140000 seconds

    System Integrity Protection: enabled

    Crashed Thread:       0 CrBrowserMain Dispatch queue:

    Exception Type:       EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT)

    Exception Codes:      0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000

    Exception Note:       EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY

    Application Specific Information:

    abort() called

    terminating with uncaught exception of type biff::project::InvalidProjectVersionException: std::exception

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    @duncanrmi Your system is unfortunately below minimum spec to run HitFilm. Specifically, your GPU is too old to run the latest version and your CPU probably is too. HitFilm 2021.1 will probably work much better for you.

  • duncanrmi
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    thanks, but then why was I able to spend eight hours comping & editing & rendering yesterday?

    I dunno- I'll try the older version (if that's what that is) but I paid for the functionality I was using yesterday, & I'd like to continue.

    do you think the GPU will run better with fewer screens? the imac's not even getting warm doing the simple stuff I'm doing- a single layer over HD video, sometimes a pro-res with an alpha channel over some other codec. it was all working fine, & not even chugging.

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    To put it simply, many processes in Hitfilm require use of the GPU, but even if your CPU is marginal, it can affect how it runs. I run 2021.2 (17) on a 4th gen Core i5 based Dell and the graphics card is equally as old as far as the tech goes and that is likely considered marginal for Hitfilm 17, and yesterday when I was doing motion graphics, keying etc, it was kind of taxing the PC a bit more. When I was rebuilding subscribe ending clip using keying, it was not playing smoothly when I checked to ensure edits were in the right place, and while exporting, YouTube was halting during that process this morning.

    So yes, even if you can "run" the software on an out of spec box, but start doing anything fancy, and all bets are off. Even if doing simple stuff, if the software crashes, then you are out of spec to have that version run well on your system. Here is the page you need to see where Hitfilm is for current versions.

    Out of spec means, out of spec, no ifs ands or buts about it and while you may be able to run the software, don't expect it to be reliable on your under spec box. Occasionally, you will get lucky as you are just under, but still close enough to run the software OK, as long as you don't get too fancy with it.

  • duncanrmi
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    [{"insert":"I shut chrome & now it seems to be working again. I take your point about the hardware being marginal, but this was a very simple operation- the one it's doing in the background as I type this on the same machine is much more complex, with a chunk of mocha'd matte between the top two video of three video layers. \nI couldn't add one layer to the same clip when I had chrome open. I'm not pointing fingers at chrome, just maybe the extra memory load of the browser (I'm in firefox now, fwiw). \nyesterday I was doing ops like the one currently rendering while I had picasa* open, & neofinder, & a bunch of other finder windows, & not a hiccup. \n(* yeah, I know.... I'm set in my ways, what can I tell you?)\nit slowed down a bit with nine comps cut into a forty minute video piece, but that was my way of seeing how hard I could push the editor side of it. \nit all worked fine, with just a few seconds here & there where I jumped right along the timeline & it had to catch up & render.\nso. I'm wondering if there's any way I can get more scientific about this 'marginal hardware' limit I might be hitting- specifically, if I am up against the limits of CPU\/GPU effort (& I'd be surprised by this, because the machine did not appear to be labouring, even with those other GPU-hungry apps open). I had the demo version on a 2013 macbook pro & that has menu-meters, which were barely ticking over until I started a render, & was pleasantly surprised (after years of adobe) to see them all spin up without any tweaking. so many AE renders just using two cores.... :-\/\nI bought this mac from a GD who didn't need two when he started working from home. he didn't do much video on it, but heaps of AE & PS. he wanted the nice screen & the 4GB of vram, & so far they've been good to me.\nI shall report back with more observations.\n\n"}]
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    what odd formatting! sorry about that...
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    FYI, I'm guilty of running lots of stuff too when editing, some like Photoshop, I need for generating the thumbnails, but the browser? not always but it has come in handy when locating images off the web, or accessing Google Earth (it's own program). I have 16GB of memory and that helps, and run Firefox.

    Most NLE's do better when you keep things simple and don't run a lot of stuff at the same time as the NLE when editing or exporting, just FYI.

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    @duncanrmi soon as you use Mocha you're adding additional resource use on your system. At that point Hitfilm is opening a render pipe to Mocha and opening Mocha in the BG to process the splines. Unfortunately, with marginal hardware, it's easy to overload the system. Best advice is to either close out everything else you can when editing in HF, or to revert to 2021.1, which has lower minimum specs.

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    Another thought. Roto your Mocha in a separate project with just the Mocha layer then render the Mocha output to a PNG image sequence (with Alpha). Re-import the image sequence to your main project. That will at least reduce the resource load, although it's a janky workaround requiring extra steps.

    Or, render to ProRes with alpha. Either way, you'll reduce the Mocha work from a real-time calculation in a larger project to a mere video layer.