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Hello... new user of HitFilm Express here. I am creating a video tutorial of a web site. I used Zoom to capture a screen video with audio... I have added 4 composites, all doing zoom in/zoom out at different times (just so I don't mess myself up...) When I export, I have two issues... (1) I have a few completely black frames in the output video, which DO not show up in the source file, and (2), none of my composite zooms are showing up. When I play the composite, the zoom looks proper. When I go to the Editor, and play, I don't see my composites getting incorporated, so I imagine I am doing something wrong. I created the composite by going to my only video imported, right-click, and then 'Make Composite Shot'. I added keyframes for Position and Scale. Export setting is YouTube 1080p HD.


  • Stargazer54
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    @gman65 I am guessing that your issues are related to the captured footage being Variable Frame Rate. HF performs best with Constant Frame Rate footage. You might try converting to CFR with a utility such as Handbrake. How to use that here: https://youtu.be/kbsmEQwbtU8

    Once you have converted our footage, you should be able to preserve your edit by using the Relink function to update your files in the Media Bin. Right on the footage file in the Media Bin and select Relink from the pop up menu and point to the location of the converted footage file.