[FEATURE] Default Response option for Promts & Warnings

StinkTofu NetherlandsPosts: 8 Just Starting Out*

Whenever I get prompted to change the Editor Sequence settings (dimensions, framerate, etc.) because the media I drag onto the timeline doesn't match them, I always want to answer that I don't want to change them. That's because I often work with low-res footage but scale it up to my 1080p project dimensions (because that way, text and other things I add in will be high-res and because of other reasons, please don't question this choice of mine). But if I turn off that prompt in Options > Prompts & Warnings, it will always answer itself with "Yes, change the Editor Sequence's settings" and thus always change the Editor Sequence's settings. While it is possible to tell HitFilm to never change my Editor Sequence's settings, which I can do by getting the prompt, ticking the "Remember my choice and do not show this again" box and then clicking "No", it would be nice to be able to revise this option in the Prompts & Warnings section of the Options. So, instead of showing just a lot of check boxes in that part of the Options, there would be an option to "Always Ask" and options for every possible answer for every prompt (if one of these answers is chosen, the prompt will never appear). So, take the "Prompt me when the media doesn't match editor timeline" (this option name would have to be reformulated, of course) one, for instance. There would be three options shown: "Always Ask", "Yes" and "No". I know this is possible, because it's obvious HitFilm can already keep track of my default responses through the "Remember my choice" button, so there's already variables in HitFilm's code for this. There just need to be a few buttons added to the Prompts & Warnings section of the Options. ;)