Inserting a 'pause' in a video tutorial

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Hello, Totally new to HitFilm Express....My first project is to create a video tutorial based on using a web based application. I can record my screen, along with audio. When I get to the editing part... assume I want to 'stop' the video on a certain screen, and then INSERT additional audio. What is the proper/best way to do this? I know I can split my audio/video tracks. How do I get the current picture to stay visible? Do I need to go to the viewer, export that frame, and then insert it back as a static picture?


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  • gman65
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    Exactly what I needed. Thanks so much!
  • triforcefx
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    Modern versions of HitFilm have an Export Frame function in the bottom left corner of the viewer. Clicking it will give you an export menu. There is a Reimport dropdown menu, and one of the options is to reimport the frame right into the timeline at the playhead. This method is far easier IMO, and a lot less "hacky".

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    A snapshot is a much more elegant method of freeze-framing. That way we won't lose a frame if we decide to give up on it later.

    This feature could be implemented in HitFilm, but why the developers don't want to do it, I have no idea.

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    @assensy it’s not that the developers don’t want to implement something like that, it’s just that a.) they don’t know it’s something that users want and b.) there’s a lot of things that users want that they ARE working on (such as the recently added - but long requested - Grade Clips in the editor), so they definitely have their hands full.

    If that’s something you want, add it to the Feature Requests!