Soylent-19 - Fight the good fight - Triumph - The Pandemic Pt1

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This is an Sci-Fi Tribute I made while educating myself on Hitfilm, Unreal Engine, and Blender & other 3D software. Just another old guy playing on the computer. Nvidia RTX 3060

I hope to inspire people to create new & amazing virtual productions and content. I hope it inspires you to check out all the great alternative media listed in this video and learn a new skill. Watch - Learn and do something amazing.

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In 2019 an engineered virus from China spread across the planet decimating lives and small businesses around the globe

The entire planet halted for two weeks... to stop the spread, but that only made it worse.

Markets crashed and economies fell,

Everyone put their faith in Covid-Tech

who designed an new MRNA Vaccine to stop it.

Governments around the world gave the jab emergency use authorization, to use during to the pandemic.

Everyone was required to take the Jab or loose their freedoms.

Soon everyone was divided, not by race, or religion, or sexual preferences... but by vaccine status

To the vaccinated, it became a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

Virus Superspreaders are keeping them from getting back to normal. The mocking bird media echoed that message daily 24/7

Ultimately the CovidTech Vaccine only worked for a few days after injection,

that didn't stop them from demonizing people who wouldn't take the experimental gene therapy

Soon quarantine camps were built.. not for those with the virus, but those who wouldn't take the jab.

Protests and riots ensued, truckers blocked cities... and extremist groups burned it all down.

Food became scarce, Store shelves were sparsly stocked, real vegetables and meat prices increased over 500%

That's when CovidTech along with the WHO and World econimic forum & Mr Gates

created Soylent-19 a new organic, locally produced food product that could be made into multiple items like bread and synthetic hot dogs.

The Consumer's favorite is Soylent-19... those sayory little green Crackers.

My name is Simonson, William R Simonson

I'm a member of the board of Covid-Tech the makers of Soylent-19 and I have a feeling we are not being told the truth.

I must find out how they produced so much food so quickly,,, during a pandemic


Part 1 The Pandemic

A Sci-Fi Tribute to The Film Soylent Green

and the Band Triumph

Based on Actual 2019-2022 media information.

Created with FREE Software from

- Hitfilm Express

- Unreal Engine

- Blender

- Audacity

- SketchFab

-iClone I Character Creator 3

Special thanks to:

Alex Jones, Mike Adams, Max Egan

Fair Use Content & Inspiration

And many others...

Visit us at

The Conspiratorium

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"Postwar City - Exterior Scene" ( by Aurélien Martel is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

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