Cannot download the windows installer v2021.3

dariofontana Posts: 3 Just Starting Out

hey everyone, so i just caved in to update my hitfilm to v2021.3. i uninstalled the existing copy and wanted to download the installer ( When i click on the corresponding link for the Windows installer, i get the error message shown below (sorry for having my settings on german). The message means: "Website cannot establish a safe connection. hast send an invalid answer."

Anyone has an idea what that could be about? I already tried it in inkognito mode, on different browsers and deleted all cookies whatsoever. Sucks having this problem since i have to get working on an important project, please help! =)


  • pbattersby
    pbattersby Posts: 48 Enthusiast

    Maybe it was a temprorary problem or it's been fixed because I was just able to download the windows installer with no errors. Try it again.

  • dariofontana
    dariofontana Posts: 3 Just Starting Out
    Apparently it was an error with our internal firewall at work. Just found a workaround by using the cmd-window with powershell and installed it manually. Maybe someone else could use this comand line as well in the future: $client.DownloadFile("", ".\Downloads/hitfilm.msi")