[Enhancement] Turn on/off splashscreen

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I think there should be an option to have the ability to turn off/on the splash screen. Some users like myself just want to just be loaded into the main screen. Is this possible?

Instead, just load this

This would allow the user just to set up their project prefs on the fly. I don't like to be "locked-in" And ultimately switch it anyway. Usually, I don't work on a short film or whatever the project is at that time and say it's going to be 5 minutes. I use the whole timeline to edit which starts out to be longer than 5 minutes. For example. Then I edit it down to 5 minutes.


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    I think there's already a Feature Request for this, but this is me taking a couple minutes to drink water before returning to packing for our move next week. If I find an older feature request for this, I'll merge this thread in an tag you so you can up vote.

    In the meantime, my workaround - and I've done this since Hitfilm 2... I save my own "template files" at given resolutions and frame rates for specific uses (for example, my 3D model import preset is saved with a couple of environment maps, a 3-point lighting rig, a Comp Shot with different cameras saved at different focal lengths and black and white plane layers. All my templates have at least the planes in the Media Bin and they all have a "Notes" Comp which is just a Comp with a block of paragraph text set up so I can just type). Templates are set to READ ONLY so I don't accidentally overwrite them and live on a folder in my desktop. Double clicking the saved project file opens Hitfilm directly into the project, bypassing the splash screen, bypassing the project setup screen and, of course, meaning I don't have to set up the dippy things already in the Template like planes, "Notes" Comps, camera focal lengths and lights.

    Big time saver.

    EDIT - nope, can't find a duplicate thread. Must have seen the discussion on a social media page or different subforum here.