High Quality Sci Fi short films on a no budget

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So here is something fun for Metal Gear Solid Fans and people looking to create high quality short films on no budget. Necessity was clearly the mother of all inventions here, and their battery powered LED's seem to do the job.

The Short




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    Just a ray of sunshine as always

    No budget does not always mean 0 money.  Just like low budget or indie doesn't mean it was made for 10k.  Of course you had to have bought, or someone had to of bought, a couple items at some point.

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    Maybe they borrowed equipment and software? People do that kind of thing. I've used classic SSL mixers that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars on projects because I know someone who can get me access to one. I just happen to know someone who knows someone.

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     @TooshkaWinConway @MichaelJames - just to cut this off at the pass: please take your personal grievances with each other into private messages if you want to continue that particular conversation.

    As for this short - there's some impressive production value up on screen. Regardless of the budget they certainly made good use of it. The term 'no budget' is used a little loosely these days.

    Budgeting on this kind of thing is always tricky. When you have pros or semi-pros working on hobbyist projects they usually have access to a ton of pro equipment and software. It's still 'no budget' to them, because they already had that stuff, but it's not like a kid just getting started could go and do the same thing from scratch.

    Reminds me a bit of when I entered the Sci-Fi London 48 hour competition a few years back. One of the top entries (can't remember if it won or not) looked stunning, and it turned out it was made by a bunch of people who work together at a post house in Soho. Fair enough, but it's tricky for a team of amateurs to compete with that, regardless of skill levels. There were calls to exclude 'professionals' from the competition, but it's impossible to draw the line in a defined, fair way.

    It goes both ways - that same competition, my team used a bunch of camera equipment we borrowed from FXHOME. As far as we were concerned it was a 'no budget' production, but I'm sure others would have thought differently.