Why does Hitfilm make my OBS recordings flicker?

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here are my specs :

CPU : Intel Core i5-9400F

RAM : 32.0GB Dual-Channel

Motherboard : H310M S2 2.0 (U3E1)

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660

So when i try to view the OBS recordings in the Hitfilm Express preview it makes them flicker and its also visible after exporting and its really frustrating here's a example (this is the 2nd time i encountered the problem)

and here's the original

this problem began to happen once i updated hitfilm express!

Is it OBS or Hitfilm? If it is Hitfilm what settings do i need to change?




  • Triem23
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    Chances are it's OBS. By default, OBS records in "Variable Frame Rate" (VFR), which means the frames per second OBS records constantly changes. Hitfilm - and all NLEs - works in a "Constant Frame Rate," (CFR).

    All NLEs hate VFR footage and can experience issues with it, including audio desynch, flickering or stuttering.

    For FUTURE recordings, the Advanced settings in OBS allow you to force CFR recording.

    For your current project you'll need to convert /transcode from VFR to CFR. See this thread for discussion on that.

    Once the footage is transcoded, open your Hitfilm project. Right click the video files in the Media Bin and select "Relink." Choose the transcoded version of the file. This swaps the original and transcoded files in the project, and should preserve your edit.

    Step through your Timeline to make certain the transcode didn't cause any drift. Here the "Slip" tool is your friend. See section 5.10 in the manual for more information.

  • littlehausbigcity
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    Yep, I use OBS and have set it to the same frame rate as my footage (29.97) and no issues at all.