When you just have to give up and go home. (If you can!)

Any time we are making a video something will always go wrong. That is expected. But that has never stopped us before. Even if videos have to be cut short or re-edited we have always managed to get it finished.

Not this time!

We planned a new video, a Wolf Creek/Ghost story idea, where we were trying to make a semi-serious film, something a bit different for us. The script was written, car packed and a location chosen.

We 'kind of' finished one scene when car troubles stopped us filming. The area we were in gets locked up over night as well, so we were on a deadline to get the car going and get out of there.

We always intended to go back, but since then both girls have had their hair cut and coloured and one has had her braces removed! If we do go back we will have to start fresh, maybe with a different idea.

It was disappointing to have to give up like this. I'm guessing others here have also had to call it quits? Did you just just reschedule and re-shoot at a later date? I always find it sad to have completed what looks like some good shots and know I will not be able to use them.

This clip is the one scene we (almost) finished. I did get around to colour grading it to see how it would have looked, but the sound effects and voices are not complete. I don't mind how it was starting to look.



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    Yeah. I was shooting a short film that was going to be a Halloween horror story. I just had a couple days to shoot the thing because of difficulty wrangling actors that'd work for free together and getting the location.  But the main actor was a girl who didn't memorize her lines even though she had told me she had. And then a few hours into the shoot after she's covered with fake blood, her mom calls and is like, "You have cheerleading tonight. Are you ready yet?" So we had to stop the shoot and get her cleaned up so she could leave. And we were already behind because she was basically learning lines as we were shooting them. I was trying to run the camera, direct the other actors, and feed her lines at the same time and keep the other kids in the house from killing each other behind the scenes so we could have usable audio. It was a giant mess. I got a few good scenes, but there was just no way to make up the time we lost and cut it together into a movie.

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    I have dealt with the same haircut issue on a past project.  We only had a few scenes left to shoot, and ended up getting a wig styled to match the actor's original haircut to shoot the missing scenes.

  • In amateur/hobbi film making hair cut change is no problem at all :)

    In pro world, or taking it seriously, it must be fixed.

  • Our adventure was ... filming in a cemetery. Daytime.

    I planned to go gerilla way, no licence. Some other guy just in the moment forced me to go to the gate to the guard to ask for licence....

    .. of course no licence ... but I insisted on continuing the filmshooting, so finally we succeeded, but we just wasted some hours while hesitating.

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     I've given up on the last 3 video projects i've tried to do with my friends, mostly because I wasn't happy with what we accomplished on set and how the footage looked. I think I was aiming too high on my last couple of projects. For your situation, however, I would decide if it would be worth it to reshoot. Or try something new!

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    Although I am happy with what we shot, I know we will not continue it now.
    Maybe something later in the same location, but tweak the story a bit. Not for a few months though, summer has come early here and it's just to damn hot out there at the moment.

    Thanks for the stories all, I always find it better to share tales of woe. 

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    Closest I came to having this kind of project-sabotaging continuity problem was with the opening sequence for the Arms Race web series:

    The majority of the series was shot over the course of a single week. We then decided to do some pickups for the beach sequence, adding in more stuff with Tom Butterworth's character making his way across the battlezone. The problem is that we arrived for the pickups to discover that Tom had shaved his head. Compare the opening few shots with the sequence where he's pinned down on the dunes. :)

    It's exceedingly obvious, but in the context of the entire beach sequence I don't think many people actually notice.

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    I find it ironic that this film is also called Arms Race: Beach Head. 
    Almost like you're alluding to the change ;)

    I watched this a few months ago and personally didn't notice his hair at all. You're lucky he didn't completely shave himself bald :P But then you could have encouraged him to wear his helmet a little more I guess.