How to create a claw scratch motion graphic or animation inside Hitfilm?

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I want to create a cool looking claw scratch motion graphic like this one. Is it possible to do it from scratch in Hitfilm without using any stock footages?



  • Triem23
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    @FilmSensei I don't remember what you called it, but I think your take on Andrew Kramer's "Crossfire" title is just what @logicalcreativity97 is looking for.

  • Gelqone
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    Yes, you can do it in HF from scratch.

    1. Draw scrath lines in any photo program and export it as png. Or you can draw a mask in HF on any layer.
    2. In HF make an animated mask on composite shot to reveal it as you like.
    3. Flamy texture you can make with Fractal noise effect.
    4. Dust can be made with Particles Simulator
    5. Add text, shake effect and energy distortion effect.
    6. Done :)

  • FilmSensei
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    @Triem23 @logicalcreativity97 Sorry I did not see this earlier, but since cutting ties with FXhome last October, I only check in about once per week... mostly just to make sure that somebody didn't tag me or send me a message.

    To answer your question, I did create a preliminary (but unfinished) project file emulating the Andrew Kramer AE Crossfire tutorial, but I am sorry to day that I never finished it, nor did I ever do a tutorial on it...

    I believe that @Gelqone above has pretty much nailed it. TBH though, if I were to attempt to recreate the original, I would find some (free) stock footage to help fill in the finer details.