Video Skin Retouch Workflow

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I found a workflow that if you don't have a change in lighting and very little movement you can retouch any video using HitFilm.

What you will need.

A photo editor like photoshop or affinity photo

The HitFilm tracker add on (if using express)

Pro Skin Retouch also helps to clean up after retouching in photoshop and masking in the spot-treated areas.


1. You will export the best frame that fits your scene.

2. You will touch up that frame in your photo editor and export It.

3. You will bring the edited still frame into HitFilm

4. You will make the clip a composite shot and bring the still frame in

5. With the still frame selected and the pen till enabled, you will mask the area around the blemish.

6. You will use the tracking feature in the video layer putting the track on the blemish you want to be removed.

7. You will move the tracking information to the still frame layer and feather the shape between 5-15 pixels depending on the blend you need.

8. Duplicate the still frame layer remove the mask and then duplicate this layer as many times as you have blemishes to be tracked and have the track applied to the still frame layer.

9. Repeat steps 5-7 for each blemish you want to be done.

10. At the end if there is any uneven skin color you can create one grade layer and use the color difference key effect and the HSL effect to balance the skin tone and color

11. You can also try a grade layer with the leave color effect and HSL effect and then blend the reds selected with the tone of the skin you want.

Why I'm posting

I think the community would benefit from a good video skin retouching tutorial that goes above and beyond the pro skin retouch effect.

Sometimes blemishes are so prominent that you have to use different workflows to achieve your end goal.