Feature Request - Project Append

Avestron Posts: 25 Just Starting Out*

So, I am half expecting people to tell me that this one already exists.

I'd like to be able to take a Hitfilm project and another Hitfilm project and have:

1 - All files for each project reorganized into project-specific sub-folders in the project (to prevent clashes.

2 - The visual/audio timeline tracks are increased to cater to the maxed needs for both projects

3 - The contents of the timeline tracks are added directly following the termination of the previous one (So if the audio of the original project finishes half a second later than everything else - that point is where the first element of the appended project would begin.


This would allow significant gains in flexibility, such as adding the project body (or body template) to the project intro through an append action - and then adding the outro to the full project - without any loss due to compression that pre-making the intro or outro could cause.

Another use is making compilations and just saving a lot of time in general.