Images not updating when opening saved project

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I opened a project with some images, but it's loading the old version of those images, not the ones I just changed and saved.

Example: Let's say I have an image and I use that inside a new project. Save the project, close it. Now I go and open that image and change it, save it. When I open that project, it's still loading the old image not the new image. I tried going to the Media and choose Reload, but it seems it's not updating. When using Premiere this would be done automatically when opening the project, because it's looking for all the media used in the project.

Am I missing something?

Here's what's happening and look at how the Media image is updated, but not the Viewer section:


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    @iamdannywyatt Have you tried the Relink function instead of Reload?

    Place an image on the timeline, save the project and then re-open - Right click on the image in the Media bin and select Relink, then choose the updated image. This replaces the original image on the timeline with the new one. Save your project again and re-open. The new image should still be on the timeline.