Hitfilm can't export at the bitrate I set on my export preset

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I use a custom export preset for all my projects, but in the latest builds, everything I export just gives off lower bitrates than the one I picked on my preset.

The preset I use is set to 300.000 kbps (constant bitrate), but mp4 files come off with low bitrate values like this one (instead of 300.000 kbps, it's at a weird 47.648 kbps, and I have no idea why):

Here's the custom preset I use:

Back when it used to work as expected (in older Hitfilm builds), this is how export bitrates used to look like: (300.000 kbps as expected)

And I made sure the right preset was selected to get these results, I used this very same preset in both examples above, but it doesn't work properly in newer builds. How do I fix this?

  • CPU: Ryzen 7 2700
  • GPU: RX 550 4 gb
  • Operating System and version: Windows 10
  • Total RAM: 16 gbs ddr4 3000 mhz
  • Model name (if prebuilt or a laptop - Dell, Alienware, HP, etc): Custom PC build
  • Any relevant steps or events that led to the issue: Whenever I export anything, bitrate is always lower than my export preset.
  • Frame rate mode (constant or variable): Constant.
  • Frame rate and dimensions: 4k 60 fps (3840x2160).
  • Codec (h264, h265, etc): All my projects are h264.
  • Origin (screen recording, downloaded, etc): Regardless of where the media files came from, whether it be from a download, recording, or a hitfilm export from another project, the issue always persists.
  • My drives are all up to date, triple checked it just now.


  • Stargazer54
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    @klauxgmd Hmm... I did a test of my own and sure enough, HF is ignoring explicitly setting a Constant bitrate. In my tests - Overall Bitrate Mode always came out to Variable (per checking the stats with MediaInfo). And the Overall bitrate was in the 140 to 160 Mb/s range - even though, like you, I made a custom preset and set bitrate to Constant and 300.000 Mbps.

    I would suggest putting in a support ticket so the devs can take a closer look - https://fxhome.com/ask

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  • Triem23
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    @Stargazer54 my real wonder is...

    @klauxgmd why are you trying to export CBR at 300mbps, anyway? At that point I'd recommend a Cineform export at Low or Medium quality, which will look as good and probably be a smaller file.

  • klauxgmd
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    @Triem23 I don't know what CBR or Cineform are, what's the difference between the two? Also why is it a bad idea to export at 300mbps on CBR, is it not capable of handling that? Would love to understand this more

  • klauxgmd
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    wait I think I know what CBR is, it's constant bitrate how did I not think of that lel. But I still have no idea what Cineform is. But yea to answer your question as to why I use such a high bitrate, it's because my videos take more than 6 months to make usually, so I wouldn't like to see any compression artifacts in them, considering they take such a long time (and yes, compression artifacts are visible on lower bitrates), I'm asking for help here because I feel like I need to use this bitrate, if I decided not to use high bitrates to avoid this problem, I wouldn't be here asking for help.

    Btw that wouldn't even fix the issue, because even on lower bitrates, hitfilm still exports at a lower bitrate than the settings, I tested that yesterday

  • Stargazer54
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    @klauxgmd Cineform is one of the codec options in the Presets list under export. GoPro Cineform and Uncompressed AVI will probably offer the best output options if you are striving for "pristine" video. However, these will also produce humongous file sizes. So there is always a tradeoff between compressed and uncompressed.

    Note in the Comment column under the Presets tab that Uncompressed AVI and PNG Sequences are referred to as Lossless (along with GoPro Cineform RGB 12-bit with Alpha). Other than that, any compression codec will produce "some" artifacts and yes a higher bitrate can improve on that, but artifacts will never completely disappear in a video compression scheme because of diminishing return. There is really no point in pushing the bitrate past where the viewer would never notice, which is why @Triem23 was asking the question.

    For my work I stick with the YouTube 1080p HD preset since most of my output is for YouTube. YouTube re-compresses your file to fit their format anyway.

    For more information on what all this means in relation to what HF can do, please read the online manual and Section 4.11.1 - Export Formats.

    I would suggest making a copy of the Uncompressed AVI preset and experiment with that. That will give you the option to directly choose either Ucompressed or GoPro Cineform for the codec. Cineform will give you several quality settings to choose from. Again, those are discussed in the manual.