Why does my render process keep crashing. "Render process crashed, please try again error"

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When rendering my videos on projects, I have constantly been running into the issue of my render process crashing whenever I edit. I've had this happen on many videos, until I cut them in half, render separately and put them in a composition to get the video done. Is there something I can do with my Caches or anything, or is there a way for me to solve this issue. I have a 2TB External Hard Drive in my possession. I mainly edit with 1280 60fps footage.

Below are my device specs:

Device name DESKTOP-331QV5N

Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8350U CPU @ 1.70GHz  1.90 GHz

Installed RAM 8.00 GB (7.86 GB usable)

Graphics: Intel® UHD Graphics 620

System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

38.7GB Free out of 237GB


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    I had this problem all day yesterday! My export kept getting stuck for hours at 5% and then the last time it crashed my whole system and said I was trying to render at a higher resolution than my system could handle. I've done dozens of videos and never had a problem before!
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    @Kolade_Shofoluwe1 Your GPU and 8 GB Ram are at the minimum specs needed to just run HF. Please elaborate on your project. Do you have multiple effects layers? It could be your are simply running out of resources on your system.

    You might try watching resource usage by running Task Manager while doing a render and see if you are maxing out a resource. Also note how far along the render is in the process when the crash happens. This might help narrow down where in the project timeline there might a resource heavy spot.

    Also, you can try turning off Timeline Cache and clear the cache before you start a render.

    [Edit] And perhaps try turning off Hardware Decoding under File, Options, Render. That might relieve the pressure on the GPU.

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    Also, your processor is barely above the minimum spec as well. The most current version of Hitfilm is up to the 6th gen Intel Core i5/i7 or it's AMD equivalent processors and your processor is the 7th gen.

    As Stargazer has said, your Intel graphics is at the bottom. Now, notice that Hitfilm now looks to have quit recommending the i3 processor, but the Core i5 and up are.

    Also it would also help if you say what version of HF you are using as well. I run 2021.2 on a below spec box, and it does alright on most things, but I don't do huge elaborate videos, and I transcode everything from H.264/265 to a codec more edit friendly, and run proxies (why I got 2021.2 in the first place) and turned off cache for the timeline and it all helps. Not the smoothest, nor the speediest, but it gets the job done nonetheless with little issues most days.

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    @littlehausbigcity @Stargazer54

    Okay. Does turning the timeline cache off inhibit my edit process? What does that do? And do you use Handbrake to transcode footage? I’m on the latest version of Hitfilm myself. I honestly might just try to upgrade my Internal SSD, because my previous one on my old laptop had about 700GB and I never had a render process issue.

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    The Timeline Cache writes every individual frame of a Timeline to a file in the cache folder. While the cache is building, it's using a certain amount of computer resources to render the frames and store them to a drive. Once a cache is complete Hitfilm just reads the cache files rather than read the original media files then render on the fly. As the cache builds it (eventually) leads to faster playback on the Timeline. Additionally, once the cache is built, Hitfilm only has to rebuild frames changed. Say you have a short, two minute sequence and the cache is built. If you make a change to say a text object from 10 to 15 seconds Hitfiilm rebuilds just those changed frames.

    Thing about the Timeline Cache - it takes a fair amount of resources to build. Disabling the Timeline Cache in the Options Menu is just turning off AUTOMATIC creation. You can always manually trigger a cache build by setting In/Out points and clicking the "Build Timeline Button" which looks like.

    Section 4.7.2 of the manual covers the Timeline Cache.

    Yes, in general Handbrake is a great tool for transcoding. This thread discusses good settings for Handbrake and VirtualDub and are the settings Stargazer and I would use.

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    Yep, agree on Handbrake for any transcoding and I use NormPCN's settings for the codec settings, works a treat.