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Hello, it's me again!

So long story short, I just got OBS set up to record my face cam and game at the same time, I did a test recording, (Cause I wanted to see if I can green screen my facecam without having an green screen)

But when I put the same mp4 file ontop of the other, reguardless of it being in the timeline or composit shot, it doesn't play smoothly, I adjusted some settings to try fix it but nothing worked. It's a slideshow at this point. If it doesn't playback properly and smoothly, how can I edit them?

Any ideas on how I can fix it? I have the latest version btw.

Thank you and have a great day or night!



  • Stargazer54
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    @fxhomer173436 Without knowing your system specs its hard to tell anything about your system. Please list those if you can.

    My guess is OBS is recording in Variable Frame Rate. Set OBS to record at Constant Frame Rate. Or your can transcode your footage by either going to File, Remux Recordings or running it through another utility such as Handbrake.