Using Hitfilm Express while away from my main PC?

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OK. So I have a situation where a couple times a month I have to spend time away from my desktop where I have HFE installed, and as a result lose a fair bit of productivity.

I do have a(n inferior but relatively new) laptop and I would like to hear about what options I might have in terms of working using HFE while I'm not using my main computer.

Thank you for any suggestions or advice.


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    Hitfilm Express can be INSTALLED on as many computers as you want, but can only be ACTIVATED on one.

    Activation controls Exports. Basically, if you Export from an unactivated machine there will be a watermark on everything.

    You have two basic choices.

    First, you can just always leave your home PC activated. In this case you can Edit on the laptop, but you'll need to move project files back to your desktop via external drive to export.

    Second, you can "juggle" your activation. You can deactivate the home PC and activate the laptop as needed. is your friend here. From here you can deactivate, get your serial code, and access the most recent installer. You shouldn't NEED the serial code (you should be able to activate with your email).

    You have a third option, but I don't recommend it... You could open a second Express account under a new email just for the laptop. I don't recommend this because activations are tied to the email used to create/download Hitfilm, so any add ons you'd want you'd have to buy separately for each account.

    Ok, fourth option - buy Pro. Pro activates on three machines. Have to mention that for completeness.


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    Another avenue is to use a remote control software such as TeamViewer to connect from your laptop to your desktop remotely. Using this method, you would be able to work directly on your desktop exactly as you normally would. The only real drawback to this is - it can pretty slow sometimes. Of course this is using the internet to connect. Otherwise @Triem23 has you covered.😉

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    @DataDesign OK, fine, five options! 👍😉😁

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    @DataDesign It is worth noting that we do not officially support a workflow like this, and as such it may result in performance issues and crashes (which it has done in the past unfortunately).

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    Thank you all (especially @Triem23 for nailing it!) for the great feedback! Knowing that activation primarily impacts activation (and add-ons) is great to know as (presuming that the portable machine can take it), I should be able to use my time more effectively (with a downside being the expected issue of needing to re-link and media files prior to export on the main PC).

    Thanks again.