Samsung G9 aspect ratio in Hitfilm Express

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Good afternoon everyone,

I am completely new to film editing but I love this Hitfilm Express software, it is very intuitive. One thing however is blocking me for this moment: I have a Samsung G9 which records my games with an aspect ratio of 32:9 and in a resolution of 5120x1440 (don't know if that matters).

My question: I loose a lot of content when I record my games and edit them in Hitfilm Express because I always use the standard resolution for creating a new project. But what is the best approach to use the full content of the recording and export it to a file?

This noob thanks you all for your help,

kind regards.



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    @Twentyfourdegrees There is a limit to the resolution you can work at in Express.

    Go to Help, Online Help and look at section 4.3 - Starting a Project, scroll down to Supported Project Resolutions.

    The Max resolution allowed in Express 2021.3 is 4096 x 2160. You might need to adjust your monitor settings accordingly to get a full frame. (Allowed resolutions for Pro are also listed but can be limited by the amount of VRAM on board your GPU.)