How do i open een file from my PC to the program.

VéVé Posts: 1

Hello poeple,

I know this is a very basic question but i can't open my files from my computer upon the program?

I already worked with another program but i don't know what i do wrong. Does this program not support my files or am i doing?

Thanks if you pretty please will help me to set me upon the rails. Kind regards to you all!


  • philipwesson
    philipwesson Posts: 441 Staff

    Hi @VéVé ,

    I'm not familiar with an EEN file. Can you tell us where you received or generated it?

  • Triem23
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    @philipwesson EEN is a generic binary data file. The OP is likely trying to rip 3D model, image or audio data from a game.

    @VéVé Hitfilm does not open EEN files. You'll have to find third party software to extract the data. Understand, since you are most likely trying to extract data from a game binary or from someone else's copywritten material we can not give you any further assistance on this matter. Even asking for advice on programs to extract that data would be against the terms of service for this forum, the FXhome Reddit, FXhome Facebook page, and the FXhome Discord.

    Moreover, there are three Hitfilm groups I know of on Facebook, but I'm a Moderator for all three. Asking about extracting data from copywritten software would also violate terms of those groups.

    So, bottom line is Hitfilm can't open EEN files, and you'll have to ask elsewhere for how to extract data.