[FEATURE] Replacing media in timeline by dragging another media

iamdannywyatt Posts: 23 Just Starting Out*

I didn't find anything about this, so sorry if this is already possible...

In Premiere if you want to replace a media item (for example, an image) in your timeline by another one in the Media section, you can drag the item from the Media section while holding ALT/OPTION (on Mac) and drop it on top of the media item on the timeline and it will replace it, keeping the exact same attributes, clip length , fade in/out, etc.

This would be an awesome feature in HitFilm as well, in my opinion.

Using the RELINK feature is not the same thing, because if a composite is using that media, then it would replace it there as well, and that's not what we want sometimes.

What do you guys think (if this isn't possible yet)?