Compiling clips into a composite shot?

iamdannywyatt Posts: 7 Just Starting Out*

Sorry for the (maybe) easy and amateur question, but as a non-professional video editor and coming from Premiere, I can't seem to find the solution for this...

I saw another thread where someone suggested creating a composite shot to emulate Premiere's multiple sequences or nested sequences, but I can't seem to make it work.

I had to remove some frames from a clip I had, because they were duplicated and so I ended up with what you see below:

Now having that many clips is hard to work with, especially when you want to move stuff around and all that so I thought creating a composite shot would be the solution, but I can't Copy-Paste these clips into a new composite shot. I can drag a new clip from the Media section into the composite, but it seems that, for example, clicking and dragging a clip while holding OPTION or CMD to create a copy in front of itself, doesn't work either.

Any tips on this?

Thank you! :)