Discount HitFilm Pricing in January???

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Hi Guys!

In the past, January always seemed to be a great time to upgrade HitFilm due to discount pricing. Is that still the norm? I haven't seen any FXHome emails this month talking about discounts on upgrades.

Thanks for any info!




  • Stargazer54
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    @bmcfarl For starters. Ambassadors & Moderators are not FXHome staff and we have no knowledge of what may be around the corner.

    But suffice it to say that the merger of FXHome and Artlist late last Fall has probably changed the "normal" flow of sales and special holiday deals. I believe they are taking on more staff and will be able to draw on more development resources than before. This is only my opinion, but I expect we will hear in the next couple of months some very exciting news coming out of the home office. All we can do is just sit tight and look for more coolness to emerge.

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    I suspect that they want to get maximum amount of expired renewals (i.e. no Black Friday sale) to enhance any potential move to a subscription model ("saving you money!" as they usually say). Hence, I'm guessing we won't see sales or word of sales anytime soon.

    Sincerely hope to be wrong about this, but time will tell...

  • bmcfarl
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    Hi Guys,

    I used CorelDraw for many years and enjoyed upgrading when I wanted to upgrade. A few years ago, they were bought out by an investment group, which immediately changed to a subscription model like Adobe. You can still purchase CorelDraw outright, but it's very expensive and does not provide upgrade pricing, which is a tough pill for me to swallow when I've been a loyal user for several decades.

    I kind of saw HitFilm like CorelDraw, an outsider battling Adobe for the hearts and minds of professional users, DIYers, etc. I'm scared that HitFilm will follow the path of CorelDraw, Sony/Magix Vegas Pro, Adobe, etc.

    I tried Davinci Resolve, but my laptop was not strong enough to run it well. However, at $300 with free lifetime upgrades (at the moment), purchasing a new laptop along with Davinci Resolve to replace HitFilm and Vegas Pro, which I use now, may be the best solution, financially, for the future.

    But, I do hope Artlist's acquisition of FXhome works out great not only for the investors but for the users.

  • assensy
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    I have also been actively using CorelDRAW for over 25 years. Since they raised the prices, removed the upgrades and made it a subscription, I've stayed with the version I'm working with now. There is nothing major new that is worth 350€ per year or 720€ for a lifetime. I bought the 2017 version for 249€.

  • Manhit
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    Hi @bmcfarl ,

    Thank you for your comments. Just a note that Vegas Pro is still available with a perpetual license. I love the integration feature offered between Vegas and Hitfilm and use it constantly. I was hoping that this feature would be enhanced, rather than dropped, as I find the combination so much more pleasurable to use than Resolve with Fusion on my modest system. While I appreciate that a node system makes hard tasks easy, I find that it also makes simple tasks hard.

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    Another "vote" here for HATING the 'subscription model' kind of stuff. Hoping HF Pro does not go that route.