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First I need to point out that even though I've had HitFilm for quite a few years now, I've actually just started using it. I bought it as an upgrade from VisionLab and just now decided to get back into it.

So, my questions are...

Why does it take so long to export a video? For 1 "1:58" video it took almost 2 hours to complete. The computer I'm using is well within the minimum requirements.

Also,  the FX... Perhaps I'm missing something but, isn't there supposed to be more in the list? Under "Fire" there's only 1 listed. VisionLab has a lot more FX to use.

And last, are the video tutorials for HitFilm Ultimate still available? All that loads when I open it is for HF2. I'm looking for the motion tracking vids, would the ones for HF2 be the same for my version?


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    To attempt to answer your questions.

    1) Export times vary greatly depending on the source footage format (mp4 takes more resources to decode for playback, and re-encode to video), type and number of effects used. I've had Hitfilm projects take over 12 hours to render 30 seconds--but that shot had thousands of particles, multiple 3D models, layers environment maps, etc, etc, etc... VFX and Animation are among to more complicated tasks we demand of our computers--without knowing more about the project you're referring to, it can't be determined if your render speeds are normal or not... However, it should be noted that the most complex frame in Disney's "Frozen" took over 170 hours to render... One frame!

    Obviously we're not doing things that complex, but the point here is that VFX can take awhile. Remember tha VisionLab was mostly SD (I think), and going from SD to 1080p means your image has over six times the pixel data.

    2) I wasn't a VisionLab user (I came close to buying VisionLab and Hitfilm 1, but it's Hitfilm 2 that got me on board), but, if I remember correctly from other users on the forum, VisionLba was geared more around preset effects, where Hitfilm is geared more along the lines of providing a toolkit for the editor to create his/her own looks. I think the VisionLab Fire was based off a particle sim, where Hitfilm 2's Fire generator is a totally different procedural engine.

    In the "3D Effects" folder of your effects browser you can find a few fire presets for the particle sim to play with. Of course I'm looking at Hitfilm 2--I'm not certain about Hitfilm 1

    3) Hitfilm Ultimate tutorials are still available--if you look at the tutorials of FxHome's Youtube page, or on the support section of this site all the HF1 and HF2 tutorials are still up. For HF1, just look at the posting date of the tutorial--anything before November 2012 is going to be HF1.

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    Thanks for the info.  I was thinking HitFilm was just a beefed up new version of VisionLab.

    Now that I'm starting to use this again HitFilm 3 is on it's way out! ;)

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    And far more powerful than Hitfilm 1 and 2! Might be worth it to jump to the new one. 

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    I'm definitely upgrading when it comes out. It looks like great just from the videos I've seen.

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    Triem's got your questions covered, I think! But while we're on the subject of fire, you might find this recent tutorial of interest:

    It's for HitFilm 2, but the main thing that tutorial does it highlight how what might be thought of conceptually as a single effect (ie "a magical fireball") is actually created using a combination of multiple very different effects. While VisionLab had some flexibility in that regard, HitFilm is operating on a very different level.

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    Thanks, Simon. Great tutorial. Is this going to be the same procedure in HF3 or is it going to be a whole new layout?

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    The interface in HitFilm 3 Pro is different to HitFilm 2 Ultimate in that we've tried to create a low profile design that'll disappear into the background, so you can really focus solely on your shots.

    If you want to take a look at a new tutorial with the HitFilm 3  Pro interface included, take a look at this one (still as fiery :P): 

    Hope that helps :)

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