Nuclear Armageddon - Payback


  • DavidLamarre
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    Great - I mean incredible - job as always!

    Your videos are insanely good. You are an amazing storyteller!

    I have a couple questions as my kids started doing Lego animation.

    What framerate do you animate to?

    How do you time your movements?

    Do you do frame blending?

    Any tips and/or tricks they should know?

  • DafterThings
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    Many thanks.

    I animate at 12 FPS but then load into a 24 FPS project (which is like 24 FPS but shooting on 2s). Sticking between 10-15 is best. Anything beyond that I just don't think you get the return on the time.

    I time my movements by eye but, when I started, would sometimes film with me doing the action and then load into 12 FPS project and animating my figure over the top. Does that make sense?

    I don't do any Frame Blending. It CAN look good but it's so easy to over-do it.

    Tips/Tricks (other than have fun) : Find out how to avoid light flicker. Avoid using any auto settings on the camera if you can. Animate to dialog rather than applying it after. Don't let 'real time' rush the 'stopmo time'. It can feel wrong to have your character not move for a few frames but remember it's only 1/2 second. If you just can't resist then just touch the figure's head every few frames and it adds just a little motion.

    These were the tutorials I used when I started: Brickfilm tutorials - YouTube

    Hope they enjoy it. It can get tedious at times but I still get a buzz out of seeing plastic move. 😀

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    @DafterThings, I like your stop motion work. I can only imagine how much effort that is. It looks good enough to be featured on the show Robot Chicken.

  • DavidLamarre
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    Thank you so much! That's so helpful. I figured it could get tedious and I try to manage their expectations without discouraging them. Hopefully, they'll stick with it and enjoy it!

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    @DafterThings Nice one! Good to see George in charge.