The render process crashed. Please try again

mamadub03 Posts: 1 Just Starting Out


  • CPU: Intel Core i5-1035G4 CPU @ 1.10 GHZ
  • GPU(s) Intel Iris Plus Graphics
  • Operating System and version Windows 10
  • Total RAM: 8 GB RAM
  • Model name (if prebuilt or a laptop - Dell, Alienware, HP, etc): Surface Pro 7

So far I've tried clearing cache, restarting my computer, updating drivers, clearing space on my C: drive, but since 12:00 this afternoon I still can't export this 6 minute video! I've been using Hitfilm since May 2020 and never had a problem with this ever. I've exported 30 minute to hour long videos with no sweat on this computer. The worst thing that would happen is it would say "bad allocation" but just clearing space and re-exporting fixed this problem. I've tried re-exporting about 20 times so far but every time it gives the same error of "The render process crashed. Please try again." So far there was one time that I didn't get this error but in the end it said "fail to share GL context". What is going on here and has anyone else run into a problem like this?