2021.3 Exports' Audio Quality Deterioration

Avestron Posts: 22 Just Starting Out*

I would appreciate guidance with regards to an ongoing issue with the audio quality of exports in HitFilm Express.

I would say that this likely is not an issue specific to 2021.3, as I have seen other unresolved discussions concerning this. From those discussions it would appear that the bottle neck (for lack of a better description) is with Windows' AAC codec that HitFilm Express currently resorts to for its audio export needs. It also does not appear that there is a clear means of changing the codec to a more serviceable one - and that HitFilm Express' audio export settings are maxed out at 192 kbps - and so there does not appear to be any means for a user such as myself to compensate.

For a side-by-side comparison of the resultant audio quality deterioration - kindly refer to this minute-long unlisted video (https://youtu.be/T2DH9KPeZ_E). The export is significantly quieter and my untrained ear is fairly sure that beyond volume the quality of the audio itself took a hit.

This would normally not perturb me anywhere near as much as mashing different audio sources as I'd normally do isn't best for audio quality to begin with - but this project was different and really pushed the issue into the spotlight.

Specs for my machine are identical to those on https://community.fxhome.com/discussion/comment/167597#Comment_167597

Any guidance on this matter is appreciated.