2021.3 Exports' Audio Quality Deterioration

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I would appreciate guidance with regards to an ongoing issue with the audio quality of exports in HitFilm Express.

I would say that this likely is not an issue specific to 2021.3, as I have seen other unresolved discussions concerning this. From those discussions it would appear that the bottle neck (for lack of a better description) is with Windows' AAC codec that HitFilm Express currently resorts to for its audio export needs. It also does not appear that there is a clear means of changing the codec to a more serviceable one - and that HitFilm Express' audio export settings are maxed out at 192 kbps - and so there does not appear to be any means for a user such as myself to compensate.

For a side-by-side comparison of the resultant audio quality deterioration - kindly refer to this minute-long unlisted video (https://youtu.be/T2DH9KPeZ_E). The export is significantly quieter and my untrained ear is fairly sure that beyond volume the quality of the audio itself took a hit.

This would normally not perturb me anywhere near as much as mashing different audio sources as I'd normally do isn't best for audio quality to begin with - but this project was different and really pushed the issue into the spotlight.

Specs for my machine are identical to those on https://community.fxhome.com/discussion/comment/167597#Comment_167597

Any guidance on this matter is appreciated.


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    It's been three months. Wondering if there is any feedback concerning exports sound quality?

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    First of all, you might be best served to put in a support ticket with FXHome - https://fxhome.com/ask

    All I hear is a difference in volume in the example. So that gets me to wondering if the Master volume is not correct. Go to the Audio Mixer tab and check that you have everything including the Master volume set to 0db. Then if you must adjust something try to only adjust the audio track and not the Master. Anything you do with Master will affect the entire output.

  • Avestron
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    Thank you for the suggestions Stargazer54!

    I confirm (after discovering the Audio Mixer tab) that everything is set to 0db.

    What puzzles me is that, as per the example, all exported files end up that noticeable bit quieter. 95+% of my content doesn't care about this as audio comes secondary, but if I should again go for something more audio-centric then I don't want to feel that the export process caused a noticeable drop in audio that I could try to compensate for through heightening audio output into the positive dbs - but that can very well lead to a different kind of audio deterioration (I've tried it).

    Thanks again for the suggestions. I am really curious to hear if other users also notice a drop-off in audio volume and/or quality post-export.

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    im following this!

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    A small public service announcement.

    If you have Audio Mixer open as a tab then it may severely impact Hitfilm Express' performance for editing (video and audio alike) even if the panel is not the active one in use.