The vertical scroll in the editor window is way too sensitive

jforjonas Posts: 17 Just Starting Out*

I'm trying to gently move media items within the editor but find myself scrolling vertically like crazy with very small movements. It's manageable if I make the view rather big, but since I don't have more than a couple of video tracks running at once I want to maximize the view of the output/media panels. I've seen a bunch of people complaining about this issue for years so I'm very surprised it's still such a big issue. Being able to at least control the sensitivity of this to some degree would help make basic editing slightly less infuriating.

I'm running the latest update on an ASUS ROG GL552VW laptop with a 1920x1080 display


  • Andy001z
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    So I was curious and tried it out, having never seen the this problem. I could not get it to do as you say. I tried all sorts of media sizes and zooming and unzooming the timeline.

    Q? Your on a laptop, are you using an external mouse or the touch pad? I certainly know touch pads can sometimes be really odd at times, given how they try and interpret your movements.

  • LD_Novak
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    well im having the same issue. The scrolling is off the charts. I usually have around ten lines of video as I use lots of special effects and the scrolling flies all over the place vertically. I love hitfilm but this is like chasing a mouse all over trying to drop something on the timeline and right point. I see these comments are quite old in some cases re: scrolling, and that makes me wonder what I will do because I'll go insane trying to manage.