Thanks to tutorial makers

Ok, I maneged to make my first Hitfilm movie.
See the result on YouTube :
Not the words (I don’t know how to do that YET) but the red arrow. Don’t laugh at me, it took me hours to find out. An arrow.gif did not work so I made a green screen arrow in Photoschop. Difficulty nr 1. Composite shot, Color difference key and all that sort of fun.
Size it and turn it in Hitfilm, lesson nr 2
Then I had to have the arrow to follow the shoe, not on top of it but a bit away from it, difficulty nr 3
Between sec 15 and 16 you see where I have glued the two parts of the film together in another editing program . What Hitfilm exports does not seems to be the same as it imports. I’m working on it.
Anyway, my sincerely regards to al the tutorial makers. I would have never found out myself.